The LETSgo Manchester Project

Programme objectives :

To develop and propagate:

    • operational systems for local currencies on a city scale
    • strategies for the implementation of these systems
    • working tools for that task

The intent of the program is to open and map the territory for parallel initiatives in communities around the world. While LETSystem development initiatives can be implemented in communities of any size, a city of around 3 million people is required to support the financing of this prototype.

LETSgo Manchester will demonstrate effective LETSystems in city environments with high population densities. The success of the project will quickly generate world-wide acceptance of the basic concepts of local currencies, and accelerate local action in many communities.

The high profile of this project will also serve to effectively pre-empt any potentially detrimental commercial competition. Regional development designs published by Landsman Community Services have clearly emphasised the precedence of community interests, and it will help greatly to have a powerful demonstration that these designs are indeed practical and financially self-sustaining.

Program design

The LETSgo Manchester programme will demonstrate that:

    • minimal resources
    • if ethically and effectively applied
    • are sufficient to initiate and ensure the persistence of LETSystems and LETSystem development programmes in any region.

As the project will stimulate many replications, it is important to set clear precedents that development strategies should emphasise:

    • reliance on local resources
      • using available skills,
      • inducing participation, and
      • raising investment funds.
Local products of the project will therefore include

    • permanent development programmes
    • enhanced skills and participation
    • the creation of substantial funding sources for
      • local community projects and charities and
      • local social investment.

LETSgo Manchester will be finely tuned to the local context, and seeks to develop close working relationships with other development groups.

LETSgo Manchester is a joint venture whose participants include:

    Landsman Community Services Ltd.
    (Registered in British Columbia, Canada. No. 282243)

    Robert Soutar Ltd.
    (Registered in Cardiff. No. 2091840)

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