Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Landsman Community Services Ltd is a limited company registered in British Columbia, Canada. It was incorporated in 1984, initially to support and to account for a programme of LETSystem development.

Landsman, which has always operated as a form of LETShare arrangement, is co-ordinated and directed by Michael Wade Linton.

Soon after the company's foundation, its purpose was broadened to include the design and development of other appropriate tools for community support.

Since 1984, many people, companies and other organisations from around the world have made contributions to the programme of LETSystems development proposed by Landsman. Up until April of 1994, the total effort has been assessed at 700,000.

Landsman Community Services Ltd will wind up its affairs at the end of 1999 and all assets will be distributed to its contributors.

In common with other participants in LETSgo Manchester, Landsman will contribute 10% of its income from that project to Manchester charities and projects.

Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

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