LETSystems - new money

This is a matter of money and society and the economy and the environment.

Once the money problem is clearly defined, the need for local money is equally apparent, and since money is information, the design of good money leads inevitably to many moneys.

LETSystems are designed to meet community & personal & practical needs, and their form and function are specified by definitions and agreements. There are many possible variations on the basic LETSystem, meeting different economic and social purposes.

These local currency applications have been developed by landsman and others in a form of virtual corporation (itself an interesting history-herstory in the making) which is evolving and publishing an extensive collection of materials - design & training, and softwares, including the necessary commentaries on law and tax.

LETSystems, and other like forms of community currencies, make virtual money on the internet immediately available, and introduce significant new opportunities for smart cards and local boards.

The introduction of local currency systems is organised and financed through LETSystem Development Initiatives which draw revenue from programs of corporate Contributions to Community designed to optimise the Community Support Cycle.

LETSgo anywhere, like London for instance, outlines a typical city-scale LDI, while LETSgo Manchester, as the primary development prototype, is a unique initiative offering considerable opportunity to those with imagination and resources. Coming soon, the Manchester Challenge - watch this space.

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Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

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