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The preceeding are just some words, describing, more or less, some events that took place a bit like that, some time ago, maybe

    hardly the whole story - which can never be completely told

    the male fetish for words and ideas - something to argue over

    abstract rather than real


Not to be told but rather lived - how things actually are, and how it all works together - not really for words

Law and lore

    the men taught the law - the stories, the myths, the magic,
    the rules and the dogma, and all that stuff of the mind.

    the women taught the lore - what was so, what plants were
    good for what, where and how to find things, real things in a
    real world, more magical than any imagining.

New money for a new era

    women's money - relationship and negotiation

    power with / not power over

Ross Dobson

There are going to be some changes

Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Version #003 27-7-96