Good Money

This is a wish list, for a money to serve people in general, in the mainstream economy. It's in some sort of order.

A good money should be

    stable and secure

      people won't use it unless it meets these criteria -
      why would anyone give up some real thing, of some value,
      for a money that they couldn't rely on ?

      it only has value if people are willing to take it,
      and are able to pass it on to others equally willing

      so this is a sinequanon

    compatible, viable

      it isn't easy for people to change habits,
      so a good local money must be at least as easy to use as the normal stuff,
      and preferably much easier.

      it should measure the same, to avoid price confusions

      it will be difficult to get into general use if it confuses the users,
      or if it makes difficulties for cashiers in fast food restaurants,
      or accountants at their books, or taxmen in the pursuit of their ends

      it must pay its own way - it isn't sustainable unless it can
      operate free of government or community support, and yet not
      rely on the goodwill of volunteers

    cheap, efficient


    benign, equitable, convivial

      it should confer power with others, not power over others

    fraud and theft-resistant

      it should be easy to pass the standards set by normal money


      Henry Ford said that good engineering was to simplicate and add lightness.


      makes sense for real things in the real world

    and most certainly - available

      no sense in not having money around

    and that means multiple .....

Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Version #003 27-7-96