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This is a directory of files in the 'Explore' directory. We are opening this directory as a form of moderated conference or bulletin board, to encourage readers to write. At this stage in LETSystems development, it is important to support diversity and encourage commentary. In addition, we who are immersed in the project may not be the best guides to its understanding. If, after reading our material, you have a better way of explaining what we are doing, or can suggest an effective route through this maze, then many will be very grateful. 

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updated 12-2-95
LETSgo anywhere, like London 
LETSgo Manchester 
updated 10-2-95
law and tax
updated 2-2-95
Community Support Cycles
updated 1-2-95
LETSystem Development Initiatives
money and society and the economy and the environment
original postings - December 1994
the money problem
the need for local money
money is information
good money
many moneys
community & personal & practical
landsman and others
materials - design & training
virtual money on the internet
smart cards and local boards
Contribution to Community 
LETSystem administration
advantages of LETSystems
account-holders' agreements
LETSystem charges
complaints procedures
definitions and agreements
fundamentals of LETSystems
legal issues
LETSgo Manchester project
LETSystems and 'local money'
origins and growth of LETSystems
how a trading transaction works
the simplest, most basic arguments for local money
the community economy
LETSystem design manual
LETSystems home page

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