Registry confidentiality

Registries are bound by the Account-Holders Agreements to keep confidential all information regarding account-holders.

There are two exceptions:

    • an account-holders' balance and trading turn-over may be provided in response to a specific request from another account-holder.

    • Registries will respond to a Court Order, for example, for tax investigations.

Registries will try to ensure confidentiality of the information provided by account-holders. However, they cannot absolutely guarantee that confidentiality.

In most cases, Registries should be registered with the Office of Data Protection. Under the Data Protection Act, an account-holder may apply to see the information held on their files.

Account-holders can make application for such information direct to the Registry rather than to the Office of Data Protection.

Directory confidentiality

All entries in the directory are made with the users' consent, in the knowledge that the directory is freely available to members of the public.

Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Version #003 18-12-94