Only connect ....

Connection is what makes community. The new moneys are only accepted within the communities that choose to use them. The money only goes around that network.

Each person within the group is in some sense connected to each and every other, if only by the general agreement that they are using the same special currency.

Thus it's not a matter of boundaries, being in or out, or exclusion. Systems will expand as people join them, and contract as they withdraw.

    local is as local as you like it, in fact the word "local" is quite misleading, in that many of the most interesting systems will not be physically localised at all - a point that should not be missed by the various communities of people and businesses using internet.


    every pound is a promise by someone, all money in circulation has been issued by another account holder

    nobody in here but us chickens, there's nothing holding this up but the people and businesses and other organisations that use it


    money as a measure we already know

    using the local unit of currency - the $, , DM or whatever, will make it much easier for all users to manage valuations, and the accountants won't get frightened, or the taxman (taxwoman?)

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Written by Michael Linton of Landsman Community Services Ltd.

Version #003 27-7-96