LETSystem charges

Registration fees, transaction, statement and directory charges vary from system to system.

As a guide, the gm LETSystem (Greater Manchester LETSystem) makes the following charges:

  1. The Registry charges a one-off registration fee of 10.00 Sterling to all users.

  2. The Registry also charges business users a one-off account opening fee of 50 Sterling & 50gm plus VAT.

  3. The Registry charges for recording transactions are currently 10p in local money per transaction.

  4. The Registry charges for monthly statements are currently 50p in local money per statement.

  5. The LETSystem printed directory compilers currently make no charge for entries of offers and requests .

    N.B. An account-holder may have accounts with several LETSystems using a common registry. A user's monthly statement will then show all the trading on all the LETSystems supported by that registry.

    Account-holders with accounts on more than one registry will be able to trade on any LETSystem they hold in common.

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    Version #002 27-7-96